Vote 2008: Palin? Biden? Who Cares, Just go out and vote!

Who cares who you vote for? Just go out and vote. I’m not here to sway people to go for Palin because she’s a woman or Obama because he’s half-black– that’s all superficial. In November 2008, if you are a US citizen and over the age of 18, go out and vote for the candidate you feel will be the best representative and leader of the United States.

Which candidate promotes the ideals you support? Do you want more taxation? Less taxation? Are you pro-choice, pro-life? Do you care about the environment?

Before you learn all about the candidate’s personal life (soccer mom versus Internet-savvy celebrity status
versus history of cancer) learn about their standing on foreign policies, the environment, taxation, the war– etc. Then go out and VOTE VOTE VOTE. Every vote counts!

I don’t care about who Oprah supports, I don’t care who the celebrities like, I care about my country because I’m young and I’ll be here for a while– I need a candidate who will do the best job– not the candidate who everybody else likes or dislikes because he is black, or she is a woman etc…

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