Leave Sarah Palin Alone!

To those who are against the soccer mom, power guv and GOP v-prez candidate:

Tila Tequilia: She’s not the media whore…

Oprah: What happened to girl power?

Obama: Stop sending your bitches out to bite the lipsticked-pit-bull!

Leave Sarah Palin Alone– it’s hard enough to raise five healthy kids, maintain a stable marriage, run a state, and assist president-hopeful McCain, she doesn’t need the media and haters to attack her. So what if she has an under-aged daughter who is pregnant and BFF’s with baby-mama *literally in all senses* JL Spears? Palin is not pro-war, she’s pro-protecting our country, against terrorists plotting to repeat 9-11 (destroying the Empire State Building, Brooklyn-Bridge, Statue of Liberty) (9-11 was seven years ago this year but it is still burning in my memories– I watched smoke fill the skies after the planes struck, I heard the towers crumble, I dreamed of innocents jumping from the buildings, I see the fogs grow thick in the city every September 11…) We can forgive, yes, but we can’t forget. We shouldn’t provoke others and initiate wars, but we must protect. And that is why, leave Palin alone– you don’t have to vote for her, and you don’t have to bash her.

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