Bella, Edward, Pillows ripping, Twilight and Sex

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I have not read the Twilight Series yet but am very intrigued– will see the movie. Definitely. I have a crazy fanatic cousin who has all four books and tells me all about the juiciest scenes, on my request of course. So Bella and Edward do make love and Edward is so passionate, he rips pillows. I ask my sister, isn’t that hot?

She says, “No… what a waste of pillows.”

I’ve come to the conclusion my sister is as asexual as Spongebob (unless you people insist he’s like Clay Aiken).

I really love the YA genre… it’s just so much easier to write and read than adult books. I guess it’s because I still have the mentality of a tween/teen girl. Eeeps. You can go as edgy as you want, like Gossip Girl, etc… Unfortunately, teen spreading of STDs and teen pregnancies are on the rise… can it be helped? Sex sells and teens/tweens are sexualized at earlier and earlier ages– Jamie Lynn Spears can have sex and have a baby, but it’s “child” porn when her breastmilking pictures are leaked on the net.

Is it child pornography then to have Gossip Girl characters and Bella, under seventeen, have all this sex on television, the silver screen, and in the books? Have we become too sexualized? Or have we just become hypocritical, prudish in a sense but still have a guilty-pleasure-sorta rush with these edgy YA shows and books?

22 thoughts on “Bella, Edward, Pillows ripping, Twilight and Sex

  1. FYI, Bella didn’t have sex with Edward until they were married (his idea) and she was 18 and a high school graduate. On her honeymoon.

  2. this is gayyyyyyy! okay?! i just read the books and there hasnt been any sex …yet. but i’ve heard there is some in the movie.
    if there is, i will be soooo mad.
    i hate it when people ruin books by making stupid movies!!!

  3. ehmagawd…. yes there is sex in it.
    1st off. they skip the whole thing the first time they have sex so it ends with edward saying “i said we would try”. it also skips the 2nd and 3rd time they have sex.
    2ndly. they are 18 of LEGAL age.married.graduated high school.on their HONEYMOON.
    3rd. it is in breaking dawn.
    4th. right in the begining.
    ohhh… and sorry i probally ruiend the book for you..

  4. I was just about to say the same thing that Melissa said. She was a high school graduate. She was nearly nineteen, they got married, and then they went on their Honeymoon… There’s nothing wrong with that.

  5. “There’s nothing wrong with that.”


    Except that it’s all a little bit precious isn’t it? They got married and she was 19. Who gets married at 19??? And she was a virgin until then? I don’t see how any of this could be realistic or believable by even those with the smallest, one tracked tweenage minds (actually I think in the case of people like that it could).
    Especially when after that she’s always pining for him. It makes SENSE that he believes in marriage because of the time period that he came from and the experiences that he had no doubt had before, but simply BECAUSE the character bella is of legal age doesn’t mean that she should turn from the inwardly pining silly child that she once was straight into some sex started consenting virgin adult.

    It’s all a little bit cliche and although society and its morals and underaged sex is probably not the best way to go, introducing this kind of idea, stickytaped together so quickly to the minds of younger kids are definitely not going to give them the same sort of enlightening life lessons as (I hate to say it) the more realistic shows like gossip girl and the likes of E entertainment.


    • @S
      “They got married and she was 19. Who gets married at 19??? And she was a virgin until then? I don’t see how any of this could be realistic”

      Honey, I’m 19, a virgin, and getting married in June…Don’t think my finace is a vampire though…either way, not too unrealistic from where I am sitting.

  6. in my opinion the way these books treat sex is a little riddiculous (and i like the books ;))
    its simply so “american to be honest.. they cant have sex until they are married etc.
    how realistic is that!? i mean they are SO hot for each other and not only that but they actually really LOVE each other.. so the fact that they put off sleeping together for such a long time is not realistic at all .

    thats just my opinion..

    maybe I’m expecting a little more than those 13-15 year old teenagers (I’m 20) but i think even those kids shouldnt be so hypocritical and complain about 1. that there ARE sex scenes in the books and 2. that there will be sex scenes in the movie(s) (at least i hope there will be! – hello? rob pattinson! hehe)
    there were even people who said the kissing scene in the first movie was too sexy… get over it! this book is more about sexual tension than about anything else if you think about it 🙂

    and in general: i think its just hypocritical (and i mean that especially concerning people from the US / hollywood movies) that nobodys allowed to show or talk about sex in movies/TV etc. and that they want to convince teenagers that nobody has sex or even kisses somebody before they are like.. 20 or sth. – thats riddiculous and conveys the wrong message to kids.
    (see High School musical — they didnt even kiss in the first movie i think. lol)

    well i think thats the problem – that sex (or kissing even) is sth. that isnt talked about or shown; that makes it much more interesting to teenagers/kids
    and i’m not of the opinion that you should have sex at the age of 13 or 14, i just think its a) every individuals own decision and b) about love – if you really love sby, why shouldnt you want to “show” them in this way – even if your “only” 16.

    greetings from Austria
    (= sry if there are grammar mistakes or sth. – i’m not a native speaker ;))

  7. hey i love the books.
    you people who dont like the sex thing… get over it!!!!!!
    i too hope there will be sex scenes in the movie. really who in their right mind WOULDNT want to see robert pattinson without a shirt???

    … i probably shouldnt say anything more… i might get myself in trouble…

  8. hi everyone! interesting discussionpoints.^^ i like those books very much, but now that i have to learn for my graduation i had to stop reading after the 2nd book. shame on me!!! it´s so interesting! i didn´t even know that there will be something in the books discribing such intimate things…but thanks to kassy!

    they are old enough, maybe for some american moral they have to be married(both of those virgins) too, but i think it´s the right way, cause the whole (very old)vampire-story is an other picture for sexuality. but from the time, when nobody could talk about this, or even show, not in fims or even books. think about it.

  9. bella and edward are having sex only in breaking dawn (the 4th book) on their honeymoon for the first time. i think it’s the after talk that is hot because we dont get to read the sex part.
    when (spoilers) bella turns into a vampire their sex is more pashionet because he doesn’t have to be so carfull about her.
    there is no sex in the movie but i am looking foreward to the BD movie (for the sex and what comes out of it *spoiler* renesmee )

  10. Worth just pointing out that Stephanie Meyer is a Mormon stay at home mom. The Mormon Faith is very very heavily all about women not having sex until they’re married, and women marry young these days – most of my friends (I’m 25) are already married with at least one child right now. Two of my friends got married at 18 prior to high school graduation. But, I think that the ‘marriage’ thing isn’t so much about “American’s can’t have sex till they’re married” so much as it’s a reflection of the author’s religious background.

    I’m not a fan of either the books or the movie, myself, points I’ll leave out, given everyone responding is a fan – but I think it’s worth pointing out to you guys that the background and beliefs of an author very often if not ALWAYS make their ways somehow in some way into their novels.


  11. I thought their kiss scenes in the book were much hotter than the actual sex thou. and I do love all of the books. Hope the movie will be juicy! Can’t wait for breaking dawn! yummey!

  12. Who honestly care if they had sexual encounters? Please there’s 13 year olds out there that lost their virginity. And so what if Bella marry’s young. I’m 20 years old and I’m married. A legit thing too, no eloping or anything of the sort. So just let it be for those who complain. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. If you can’t handle a little sizzle like that, then you can’t handle the real world and what it has to offer

  13. I so want to see them having sex.
    Who wouldn’t want Robert Pattinson naked?
    He’s so hot.
    Can’t wait.
    Get over ur whole “Ewwwwwwwwwwww… sex that’s disgusting” seriously.

  14. I think an relationship there is great sex and then love. Though sometimes it lacks one of the other, sometimes it doesn’t. I like an book focused on either or. And I don’t mind when an series like Twilight focuses mostly on the romantic part, call me hopelessly romantic but I really don’t mind. To be honest though, it would’ve been great if Meyer in Breaking Dawn gave us a bit of the sex they had not completely cut it out! SEX IS IN HUMAN NATURE! She could have at least PG13 it. But then again True Blood has more than enough sex for the sexually erotic people as myself. Ha, ha.

  15. Sinceramente tenho que declarar que amei do começo ao fim a historia dos dois ou melhor dizendo dos três, sim porque considero o amor do Jacob até o finalzinho da trama até ele perceber que o amor dele por Renesme é mais sincero ou seila o que dizer… Só sei que doeu quando eu vi o fim. Parece que faziam parte da minha vida, todos os filmes os livros as revistas que pude ver. Ah algo de muito sobrenatural com a trama pois não entendo como isso pode dominar-me de um jeito tão significativo. Brasil – Petrópolis…

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