White Supremacy on Top Model? Tyra’s becoming the next Michael Jackson?

In Cycle 11 on Top Model, we have five models remaining– all from different “cultures” however all pretty white girls. Sheena, despite her personality, has not been able to take  high fashion photographs without being too hoochy or too plain. You go girl for making it this far– you’re not afraid to speak your mind and your ideals and opinions make you strong and a great role model for Asian- American girls. Despite your breast augmentation and tendency to over-sexualize, I still think you were one of the strongest competitors on top model– When Whitney won last season, I was overjoyed because she was the first “average” (plussed) size model to win. I really thought finally an Asian-American model can win! Oh well. I can’t say the show is exactly racist though. I mean, in our black and white world, black and white models have already won as top models… We’re just waiting for the next Asian-American to win!

But is it just me or are Miss Jay Alexander and Miss Tyra turning lighter and lighter? Is it just powder? Who knows…

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