Publication woes: Self publish? Literary agent? why is it so damn hard?

Recently I purchased 10 ISBN for around 300 bucks, thinking I will just self-publish my unpublished manuscripts. I have a tendency to start a story and never finish it, but am proud to say, I’ve completed at leave five 100 plus page manuscripts, even if they’re shoddy. One thing about writing is that you can never quit and you can never stop writing. Writer’s block is bullcrap. And don’t expect your first draft to be excellent– I’ve rewritten one story FOUR TIMES and the fourth times a charm because I am a breath away from landing my first literary agent.

I am so excited I’ve been high all night long, I can’t sleep, I keep fantasizing what will happen if my book does sell– will it become a television series, a manga, a movie– how about all that and more? Dreams I believe do come true but you can’t just sit back and dream– you aren’t destined to be great, you have to work for it. Unless of course you’re lucky like Paris Hilton’s dog– freak, all you have to be is a celebrity and you don’t need an agent, you can publish garbage and people will buy it– it doesn’t matter if it’s poorly written, ghost-written, or stolen…

So I will put the self-publishing business aside for now, though if you have a novel you really want to publish, I can publish it for you under my company’s name… 🙂 It will be published in LULU– you get your own  ISBN and it will be sold on, amazon, barnes and nobles. I can’t guarantee you success but I can guarantee you publication if you have a really good manuscript and for some reason, can’t get published.

Anyway, I’m just really excited and am writing– I need 40,000 more words to my manuscript and I may get my first agent– she said she LOVED it– my current manuscript– just needs to make it longer. YA novels should be around 60,000 words to sell by the way.
Wish me good luck. I wish everyone else who wishes to write and publish novels good luck as well 🙂

3 thoughts on “Publication woes: Self publish? Literary agent? why is it so damn hard?

  1. Awesome 😛 are you referring to Maya Rock? If so I have a question did you contact her before you completely finish your manuscript? If so how much did you already have written before you contacted her? Again, just curious 😀

  2. @ Curious, Maya Rock is an agent at Writer’s House (Stephenie Meyer’s agency) in NYC. They would not look at an unfinished manuscript-no exception. I do not believe she has a literary agent at all. Just being honest. And young adult books range from 40,000-60,000 I thought, depending on the genre.

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