Next top Model cycle 11 winner Mckey! beautiful, well-deserved!

Since the first episode when there were three Britneys on the show, however the heck you spell her name, I knew one of them would win. I rooted for Mckey– she was nice to Isis, she boxed, and she looked androgynous– like a baby mix of Courtney Cox (Monica on Friends) and Demi Moore. Congratulations to Mckey, I am very pleased with her win, because it’s well deserved– Mckey can be high fashion and commercial– she has an arrogant, confident look but is very down to earth.

What I am not happy with is how Top Model has become less and less fun, creative, and exciting to watch– what happened to exciting photo shoots with elephants, bulls, or beautiful underwater shoots? This cycle, we have boring landscape shoots and a shoot in the Top Model house… The show has really lost its touch and has become predictable. It tried to be dramatic with Marjorie drinking like an ass, and Isis the transgendered-model who lost her charm after a few episodes– I just wasn’t excited like I was when I started watching– during the Carie Dee times. I kept watching to root on Mckey– my girl crush. : ) congrats again mckey– and to tyra and ken mok and crew, if you’re making a top model 12, try to go back to its exciting roots… and please consider a nice asian-american model– the world’s not just black and white. thanx

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