Twilight versus My Date With a vampire

Today I heard on the radio how similar the new Twilight Movie is in plotline to My Date with a Vampire– a Chinese series around 1998 to early 2000 about a vampire who drinks blood from blood banks and falls in love, Romeo and Juliet style to a slayer. The radio host said, hey it’s like complete deja vu. I’ve seen Twilight before, in Chinese form, as My Date with a Vampire. (

Come to think about it, doesn’t that also sound like Buffy and Angel? Vampire falls for slayer?

These days, what is original anymore, seriously? Plotlines may be similar but think about it this way– characters are different, the way the books are written are different– the screenplay, the dialog all different. It’s the same when people tell me, hey your story is just like Hana Yori Dango, Kim Samsoon– so I have similar elements, but it’s not a straight copy. For one, Edward Cullen drinks animal blood where as the main character in My Date with a Vampire drinks bloodbank blood. Both have supernatural powers and both aren’t afraid of the sun… Look– there are just so many ideas that can float around in this world and become superglobal phenomenons– granted Twilight’s main story is quite simple. Girl moves to new town, girl meets boy, tension arises, boy is a vampire, wants to drink girl, but can’t, is a good vampire, and must save her from new evil vampire, boy girl save day together, but now girl wants to be a vampire too to love boy forever. Twilight is a great story– so what if there has been similar, less popular stories before (Nightworld, The Last Vampire, My Date with a Vampire). In our crazy world, we need a fantasy world to escape to, we need a new dreamland since Harry Potter’s popularity has waned… until the next best thing, face it, every other person you meet on the subway train, in the library, on the streets is reading a copy of Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, or Breaking Dawn. And by December, every tween, teen, and adult female (and males, admit it) will have seen Twilight the movie.

2 thoughts on “Twilight versus My Date With a vampire

  1. That is an awesome comic! I love it! I thought it was funny from the beginning. Twilight is waste of your time. DOn’t even bother reading it!

  2. You forgot the Interview With The Vampire by Anne Rice. Her book came out in 1977 & she sold over 100 million copies of that series. In it she created the vegetarian vampirism, and the vampire that struggles with what he is. Yes, Meyer ripped her ideas and Twilight was mildly entertaining but is in no way deserving of all this fame & money. No way in hell.

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