Dear President-Elect Obama– Set an example, please

Dear President Elect Obama,

In this black and white world, there’s no place for us Asian- Americans to stand. We’re meek and quiet, and everyone bullies us. We’re afraid to voice our opinions because our English isn’t as strong, and we as a people aren’t united.

As a child, I’ve been the target of racist remarks, Ching-Chung-Chong and kids mocking my accent and inability to pronounce the -th and -sk sounds.  I’ve had kids make their eyes into slits to mock my “smaller eyes”.

Last year, driving down Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn during summer, a young four-feet six inches tall African-American child walks up to my car and tries to hit me through my rolled-down driver’s seat window. He proceeds to flip me the birdie. Then a bunch of other African-American kids join him and they make fun of me before they try to get into my car. Before I drive away, they almost break my windows and throw garbage into my car. Thankfully I had my car doors all locked– otherwise who knows what would have happened.

Then a month later, I’m walking down the streets and passing me is an African-American teen couple. Suddenly, someone hits me on the head with a rolled up newspaper. I turn around and the couple run away, laughing.

And today, I’m on the B74 bus, riding home. A bunch of African American kids laugh and make a lot of noise. I generally ignore them, even though I’m stressed from work and rather not have noises at eardrum breaking decibels invade my ears. The bus is crowded and I can’t wait to get off. I don’t look at the kids, even though I know they’re making racist remarks about Chinese people.  I walk down the steps to leave during my stop and a hard object hits the back my head (occipital lobe). If it had hit my head any harder, I would be blind right now, and not typing this letter angrily. I turn around and I see the bunch of kids, staring at me and laughing, tossing the football at each other and acting like nothing had happened. Meanwhile, my head hurts and my vision becomes blurry and I don’t know what I should do. The kids follow me off the bus , blocking the exit so no one else could have seen what have happened, and I hold in my anger because no one else is on the dark streets. If I yell at them, they’ll yell back or even hurt me. If I call the cops, I might lose my cellphone before the cops even arrive. I feel incredibly helpless, walking home. I can’t contain my tears. I cry to my family and now, I feel like I can never take the MTA bus again– It’s always crowded and noisy when I come home, and no offense, it’s always the African-American kids being rowdy, obnoxious, and cruel.
I did nothing to deserve a football thrown on my head, a throbbing headache, and a fear of taking the bus again because of this racist, uncalled for attack.

President-elect Barack Obama, please don’t turn into a white-washed president who had to use to race card to get elected, but then not set an example. I am sick of hearing about people being mugged and attacked and killed by African-Americans, because I don’t want to become afraid or a racist, but how can I not when I’ve been bullied all my life by the same race of people? I am really putting my faith in you, President elect-Barack Obama, to set an example. You’ve made so many people cry, because you’re the first African-American president– don’t you think it’s time for a real change?


abused, bullied, and traumatized Asian-American tax-paying female

2 thoughts on “Dear President-Elect Obama– Set an example, please

  1. Hum. I did wonder about why only women by Hilary Clinton and black people were mentioned by Obama. What about Asian people, Native people and other minorities? Though I don’t think all black people beat the crap out of each other, white people of my own race can be idiots too, people of anyone race has their share of saints and idiots. Even white and black people. And Asians, Natives, Indians and whoever.

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