Dynasty Warriors, Warriors Orochi, EPIC FAIL!

I’ve been a fan of the hack and slash genre for a long time, especially of Dynasty Warriors– the graphics are decent, and the characters are mostly beautiful Asian 3-D people. What’s not to like? Out came Dynasty Warriors 6, complete with revamped character designs and co-op modes, storyline cinemas, voice-overs, etc… the graphics amazing for the outdated PS2 engine, but otherwise, it’s the same old from Dynasty Warriors 4, Empires, and Tactics. I’m actually disappointed because though you can unlock every character you remember from the old DWs, except for some, Story Mode is limited to a few officers and the gameplay is repetitive and bland. Gone are the catapults with the lion faces, the sorcerers, and character customization. There’s just not enough gameplay for you to continue with all the storylines, or even care with unlocking all the characters. Something I did like was the sabotages staged by the enemy AI, and some battles were hard to complete alone. There’s little satisfaction though when the enemies just stand there for you to make into meat sauce. And some specials are useless because they don’t target the enemies.

Graphics are important, but gameplay is what keeps a gamer coming back to the game. There’s also a crazy lag in both single player and co-op mode, that will cost your character his/her life, so that’s a major disappointment.

I give DW6 a 3.5 out of 10. Rent it, don’t buy it.

After playing DW6, I saw a preview for Warriors Orochi 2. Warriors Orochi 2 has an impressive roster of characters and the graphics, cut-scene wise are nice, gameplay wise aren’t as nice as DW6. However, there is little lagging in this game, and the enemies are actually smarter– they run after you, target you, and gang up on you. The specials effects are nice, the gameplay is faster and smoother, and co-op mode is fun too, no lag. You control three characters, switching back and forth, and each character feels unique. If you have to play one hack and slash game, I recommend Orochi over Dynasty Warriors 6– I give WO2 a 5 out of 10.

Game makers, please remember the gameplay aspects of a game. Instead of rushing out latest installments of a franchise, please make sure each game of a series is unique and fun on its own. Otherwise, just make one good game and leave it at that, please.

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