MBT shoes are amazing for flat feet and leg sculpting

MBT shoes are absolutely amazing– this coming from a physcial therapist who has to stand on her feet all day long. The cushiony heels and rocker-bottom shape makes you work your leg muscles all day long, even when you’re just standing idly. The beauty of the shoe is that it forces you to walk properly, heel to toe, while taking away ground reaction forces from your feet, knees, and hip while you walk. I have flat feet and used to wear orthotic inserts in all my shoes. I would have ankle pain after walking for an hour or so. Now I no longer have ankle pain and I have beautiful sculpted thighs, a better posture, and a skinnier wasitline.
MBT shoes are absolutely amazing and I’ve worn them for over half a year now– I think I’ll be a lifetime wearer because no other shoes feel right anymore. That’s one draw back– you become so accustomed to MBT shoes, you have leg pain after a day of wearing regular shoes.

MBT shoes aren’t cheap– you can find them for the cheapest prices if you are lucky at Century 21 stores. An older sneaker at Century 21 is around 80-90 dollars. The most expensives MBT shoes are the leather boots for 390. Professional shoes run from 170-270. Sneakers over a 100 usually, and sandals also over a hundred. The shoes may look ugly but they are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING.

In short, the benefits include:

decreased pressure on your knee, ankle, hip joints

increase muscle usage– toning the thigh and ab muscles

better posture

decreased knee and ankle pain

4 thoughts on “MBT shoes are amazing for flat feet and leg sculpting

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  2. I’m an MBT fan and know they work. BUT, if you’re looking to save money and try something with better styles…google ‘shape ups by sketchers’.
    $200 cheaper!

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