Newest Addiction: Poupee Girl

poupeegirl fashion brand community

My newest obsession is Poupee Girl, where you can dress a custom avatar and compete with other girls to see who has the coolest look daily, who has the most items in real life, and basically, it’ll absorb your life. It’s fun  though, like Gaia Online, but more for girls who like fashion and dressup games.

If you are interested in playing, send an email to and I’ll hook you up, you get a special item if I refer you.

The fashion item pieces are so cute, I’d wear them in real life. This site is really addictive. Your character has a currency of ribbons– you get ribbons by commenting on people’s stuff, by selling your avatar’s items, by posting your real life items (pictures) online. The flash-drawn graphics are beautiful and original.

I highly recommend this game if you have time to kill 🙂

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