I love my literary Agent and writing mentor

When you’re stuck in a job you can’t wait to leave, it’s good to know one day your dream may be able to come true and you’ll become a published writer. I can’t wait to see just one person buy my book and read it on the train. Just thinking about this makes me happy teary. My agent is absolutely perfect– she works fast and gives me great advice. I can’t wait until we get to the next level where she starts to sell my book. And after the first book, my next book, until I reach my intended 300 mark. 300 books in one lifetime.

Lol. Alright, I’ll be happy with 30 books published.

When you’re writing, you have to let people who aren’t biased read your work, that way there’s room for improvement. If you have thousands of young readers who would love anything read your stuff and tell you OMG, it’s so cool, so awesome, I want to read more, sure your ego’s gonna-skyrocket but then you’re stuck without room for improvement.

Asides from my literary agent, I also have a writing mentor, who’s a pretty accomplished author, comedian, and actor. I recently went to his book signing/event, was a sex-worker-literati bar reading event, real fun, and this is what he wrote for me:

“Kat, Very soon you’ll be signing your book 4 me… You’re a very talented writer, more more importantly, an AMAZING person.”

That felt wonderful! 🙂

One thought on “I love my literary Agent and writing mentor

  1. Hey I was wondering if I could contact you somehow. I’ve been researching agents and I’d like to know the type of person the agent is to see if she’ll ‘get me’ and where I’m coming from with my latest project. So far my interpretation of her is good, it’s hard to tell from what I can find on her but so far she’s my ‘dream agent’ @_@

    I just thought it’d be helpful to contact people who have worked with her before I contact her personally so that I know how to approach her 😛 thanks for any help!

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