Agreement with Stephen King

Stephen King has a point, stating Stephenie Meyer can’t write worth a darn. I tried. I really tried. I borrowed Twilight from my cousin and read the first line before making a face. Shouldn’t first lines hook a reader immediately?

Twilight’s first line is : “My mother drove me to the airport with the windows rolled down.”


It would be jealousy for an unknown writer to “bash” a popular authors novels and writing, but for Stephen King to say so, an extremely prolific writer with a great track record, then it’s justifiable, no, albeit catty.

I really want to give Twilight a try, but do I really want to read about an obsessed damsel in distress Mary Sue yapping on and on about a perfect teen boy (and not feel like a pedophile, even though he’s an old vegetarian-vampire who glistens under the sun?)

I’m sorry. I tried not to be a hater. I tried to hop the bandwagon. I really feel teens and young readers, especially teen girls need a better role model and to not become depressed, because in real life, girls like Bella don’t end up with super hot hunky perfect guys like Edward.

2 thoughts on “Agreement with Stephen King

  1. I must say, King couldn’t have said it any better. Straight talk from someone who knows a bit about vampires.

    Who’s your (lovely) agent, btw?

  2. Yeah, I tried too. I read it and for about two weeks liked it. Not because of it’s plot (or rather lack of it), or because of it’s writing…I realized I liked it because it convinced me that ‘if THIS can get published then what the hell am I worried about?’

    Twilight is mind candy. I hate how the media and the book industry is trying to pass it off as some godsend, a literary breakthrough for modern literature when clearly it is not.

    The hype truly baffles me. When you break it down Twilight is basic wish fullfillment. It’s MarySue fanservice. And honestly, it really does read like fanfiction.

    But I can’t really argue matters…the book industry these days is more concerned about quantity than quality and I really don’t blame them but still…WHY Twilight? Why does IT deserve the hype? There are TONS of ’emo angsting vampire falls in love with hopeless human damsel!’ stories in the YA section and even adult section going back even a decade…so why the sudden explosion of interest now? And why did the hype go to Twilight?

    Oh well :P, it kind of scares me though…as a writer reading Twilight I found it to be an insult really…but I don’t know how you feel. I mean your agent works for the same agency as Meyer’s agent. Jodi is definitely great at your job but now I’m deathly afraid that all these agents are going to be expecting tons of ‘Twilights’ to hit their desks and completely gush to me about their fangirl obsessions of the series and I’m afraid that I might get blackballed a few times simply because I dare confess my distaste for the series…which is why I try my very best to keep my mouth shut lol.

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