Nosy Nation: Leave Michael Phelps, Chris Brown, Rihanna, A-Rod alone

It takes years of hard work, practice, and dedication plus a little bit of luck to get to where millionaire celebrities and athletes are, but it only takes one moment to destroy it all. For Michael Phelps, it’s a supposed friend who took a sneaky picture of him while he smoked a bong. For Chris Brown, that one second of fury that led to the beating of his herpes-spreading girlfriend Rihanna. For A-Rod, it’s his steroids.

Yes these people are “heroes” and “role models” but don’t forget, they’re just flawed human beings like the rest of us. In no way do I feel what they did was right, but I feel our society and the media are too quick to judge and step on people once glorified. With the internet and the media, our nation has become too nosy, judging, and hypocritical. Yes these people have fallen from grace, but it’s not their fault if your children start smoking weed, taking steroids, or beating their friends and acquaintances. The real role models in their lives are their teachers, peers, and guardians, these are the people who they should look up to. Parents are smoking cigarettes in front of their children– yes cigarettes don’t make people high, horny, and stoned, but the long-term bad effects of cigarette smoking include coronary artery disease, hypertension, stroke, diabetes etc…

As for beating his girlfriend, that’s Chris Brown’s business– he deserves whatever his punishment shall be, but we as the public shouldn’t know every detail of why that happened, just because he’s a mega-star. Give these celebrities some dignity and privacy. Why must the media know every detail and aspect of celebrity downfalls? It’s disgusting. At what point will the media stop digging into people’s personal lives? I remember on TV the showing of Heath Ledger’s dead body taken out of his apartment by EMT. Someone told me, if you can’t stand celebrity gossip so much, why do you watch it? I can’t avoid it for one. People talk about Rihanna and herpes at work, and how she got it from Jayzee. I turn on the radio and that’s the biggest news. The media bombards you with this information, how can you not be exposed to it?

It would be nice if the media focuses more on inspirational stories instead of stories that dig into people’s private lives– Leave these celebrities alone, sheesh, they have enough to deal with already, they don’t need the added stress of the public eye on them.

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