Shape Up Shoes Versus MBTs

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Sketcher’s Shape Up Shoes are more stylish and cheaper than MBT shoes, both appear to have the same mechanical design and benefits to the body. What I can say is, if you have a good idea, patent it, otherwise imitators will copy the design and make something better. Personally, I love my MBT shoes but after seeing the new Sketcher Shape UP designs, I might have to try one of those.

These shoes really work, trust me! 🙂 I haven’t worn orthotics for months and my legs are so muscular and hard, I’m so proud of them! 🙂

16 thoughts on “Shape Up Shoes Versus MBTs

  1. You’re right! I’ve been an avid MBT user for over 2yrs. After finding the sketchers’ shape ups…i’m in love even more. Although the styles and comfort are as good as MBT…it’s the price that’s amazing. Over $200 cheaper…for the same results. Wow. I also read somewhere MBT tried to sue another shoe company (called RYAN or something) for having the same design…but lost. Aren’t fit flops the same premise?
    All in all, these style of shoes work.

    • First of all, MBT wasn’t the 1st company to come up with the idea for the rocker shoes, BUT they did take the right approach in studing the bio-mechanics of the body. For your information the company they tried to sue is called RYN( from Korea). The reason why they tried to sue them was because they had a licsense for the Masai technology words attatched to their shoes. Get your facts right. Also MBT is the only rocker shoe company that has 39 medical and bio-mechanical studies done on their shoes. Which is why they call it the medical shoes. How many studies do the Shape Ups have? The reason why I am putting this info out there is not that I work for MBT or Sketchers or Ryn for that matter. It is because I am a Pedorthist. I can tell you rocker shoes are NOT for everyone. So don’t endorse them to be such. But, if you are going to do them I would say not to cheapen your health by buying the cheap Sketchers but to investigate some other styles like Chung Shi, Mephisto’s Sano line , Xsensible stretchwalker shoes or MBT. I think what will happen in the future we will see alot of the Shape Up users in my office due to the overpronation issues and maybe Posterior tendonitis.

      • Thank you for the very helpful information. It will help me to further research shoes to try.
        I own both a MBT pair and Shape Ups.
        I prefer the MBT over the Shape Ups.
        I have been an avid fitness walker for the last 12 years. It’s always hard to find the right fit shoe and a shoe that lasts. MBT are quality made and durable, I expect to get a lot of miles out of them.

      • Whilst I have found MBTs to be excellent supporters, I have yet to find them robust or durable. Nor do I find the quality of leather provided on the brogues to be reflective of the price paid. Generally, they wear down very quickly. I have also found their sole replacement services inaccessible and advice on what to do when damage takes place pretty non-existent. I can find neither close-by service nor recompense.

        I seems to me that the first splash of rain with the MBT that the sides of the heel support disintegrate and begin to leak causing great gaping gaps or holes in the damaged shoe ankle side causing it to roll to one side and lose stability. This has happened to two pairs so far. I find them also limiting with options of terrain and gradients to walk on.

        I find this a real pity because as having suffered from deformed heels and shorted achilles tendons, as a result of an accident, I have found them to be otherwise supportive.

        Its for these reasons that I think that I will give the shape ups a go, and perhaps even try to jog in the shape-ups which I was advised not to do in the MBTs by the sales-person.

        I will therefore try out

  2. I bought the Shape-ups and returned them. i was rather unimpressed. After that I tried the MBT’s. WOW what a major difference. I could actually feel the MBT’s working out my backside. Right now I am trying out Chung Shi’s but I’m not I’ve been blogging about them too.

    • Did you read the entire article to which you are responding? The very shoe you are talking about was discussed in the article. It also included the very same picture that is in the website you gave.

  3. Sketcher shape up shoes change my life.I could not stand on my feet bec have plantar fasciitis a condition that makes walking very painful on both heels.I bought almost all kinds of orthotic you can buy in the store regular and gel type .I even ordered expensive customized orthotics but with this shoes I can walk again even without arch support inserts.
    Whoever invented this shoes -THANKS A LOT BEC IT WORKS

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  5. Hi all…. I am a male, 52, 6′-0″ tall, 250 pounds, therefore 20% overweight. I have had Plantar Fasciitis before. I bought a pair of shape-ups (not for PF), but for fun and for motivation to get in better shape. I am concerned because when I wear them I fell my arcs, heels, and toes tingling and uncomfortable; just like a pre-episode of PF. Is this normal? I also bought a pair of EARTH negative heel, and I have not worn them, as I feel panic of getting PF back. Please advice. Blessings.

    • I would think they would help your plantarfasciitis. There is an exercise for plantarfasciiatis where you put a bottle under your feet and you roll the bottle. the shoes will give your feet a good stretch and mimics that bottle rolling motion. so all things in moderation. why not try the shoe for less than half an hour every other day and see if the PF flairs up? if it does, then these shoes are not for you.

  6. I ruptured my plantar fasciitis and was went to an Orthoped surgeon that specializes only in foot and ankle. He recommended either the MBT or the Sketchers Shape up shoe….not recommending one over the other, only saying that the Shape Ups were more reasonably priced. This doctor is an runner, and actually had on a pair of the Shape ups at the time of my appointment. I was recommended placing full inserts in all my shoes regardless of what shoes they were to provide arch support. I have only had my Shape ups for a couple days not but am experiencing much relief for my ruptured plantar fasciitis.

    • I still think these shoes look silly but have been in so much pain due to plantar fasciitis AND heel spurs. I currently wear rigid orthodics in my athletic shoes, house sandals with arch support, and walking sandals with deep heel cups. By the end of the day, it feels like my heel bones are directly on the floor! We are going to Disneyland soon and I am really worried I wont be able to enjoy myself at all being on my feet all day and in so much pain.

      Those of you with PF – do you wear your orthodics with the shape ups?

  7. I bought these shoes several months ago and DO like them and they are super comfortable. My sister also has a pair and she has plantar fascitis so she can’t wear most shoes but she likes shape ups.

    I don’t agree with all the claims that shape ups makes but they do work my legs and back and I have seen a difference. I also stand up straighter.

    They’ve also been a great alternative to going to the gym which I’ve wasted a ton of money on because I don’t go. Shape-ups have toned my legs and I don’t have to go to the gym, yay!

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