The Genius of Poupee Girl, Gaiaonline and other online communities

The future of web money making lies in web communities such as Poupee girl (, Gaiaonline, and other online communities like Second Life, There, IMVU– basically game online communities where everyone has a customized avatar and the site uploads new items to be bought so users can pimp out their avatars. With web money. For poupee girl, it’s a system of ribbons. For Gaiaonline, it’s good. Same for Neopets, which I haven’t played for years but I’m sure the community is still going strong. Here are communities on the web where you have to make virtual money and when certain events come up and rare items are for sale for your avatars, you’re tempted to use REAL money to buy online currency, to buy intangible items for your avatar, which by the way is made up of nothing more than mere pixels, shown on your computer screen.

These gaming communities become an obsession– you want all the best and expensive items for your characters– You’re always on the community, you’re always commenting, and you feel ashamed to buy online currency for pretty clothes for your avatar to wear, when you can in fact buy real clothes for you to wear yourself. If there are a few things that will never die even during recessions, it’s ENTERTAINMENT, FOOD INDUSTRY, and HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONALS. Seriously. You have NO IDEA how many millions and billions online communities are making off of teens and even working people– through selling virtual items. It’s crazy!

check out the craze at Poupee Girl! 🙂

2 thoughts on “The Genius of Poupee Girl, Gaiaonline and other online communities

  1. It’s true.
    Actually, I’m from Gaia online and Poupee… but now I’m not too addicted (exams).

    Did you hear about subeta? ( It’s the same kind of game.

  2. Dear pupe-friends,

    I just got my account locked! I have been playing on pupe since the summer of ’09 and I’ve been loving it, until they started the new jewel campaign. It got even worse when they stopped letting us post dolls! Now, since I have been posting dolls, they’ve locked my account! I’ve never done anything wrong, ever! I mean, my Pullips and my Blythe are in the Fashion Dictionary! so, as soon as you get a chance, sign the petition I started to try and get rid of jewels and let us post dolls again! They’re the dictators and we have to overthrow them! The letter goes straight to the company. There is extra space when you sign so that you can say whatever you want extra to the pupegirl company. PLEASE SIGN!

    this is the link:

    please spread this petition around as much as possible! Please help get as many signatures as possible! Thank you so much! You’re helping every pupegirl when you sign!


    From A♇EOT, with love!!

    ♅GOOD ♆ LUCK♅

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