Death of Chivalry in NYC. Blind dating sucks.

Finding a guy in NYC can be a struggle if you have a job, great friends, lots of hobbies, and are involved with your family. Basically, your life just began, right out of school and you’re making money– possibly more money than half the guys you know. So you agree to go on a blind date and you meet a pretty decent looking guy– on a scale of 1-10, he’s probably a 6 to 7 on cuteness. He’s smart, cultured, and his conversations are engaging. But too bad he doesn’t have the FOUR C’s:

Credit cards. (the FOUR C’s can be other things, depending on what you value)

It brings his attractive level immediately down to a 3 to 4. I mean studies have proven this– guys don’t have to be physically attractive or great looking, as long as they make around six figures, drive nice cars, and can afford to let you live like SJP Carrie.

Okay, let’s be realistic. In these days, life’s not going to be like Sex in the City. We’re not all going to find Mr. Right who will let us live in upscale houses with walk-in closets. Guys today lack manners, patience, and chivalry. They won’t even let old people sit in their seats on the subways. They won’t watch the movies you want to watch. When they buy a bottle of water, they buy it for themselves. And they always go dutch. Where are the gentlemen? Does the city not breed them anymore.

My last blind date was so disappointing– I’m expecting to be treated like a princess. I’m not. I guess this is why I refuse to put out– to me, why should I have casual sex with people who might as well just pick up a whore on the streets? At least they’re getting paid– I’m not even getting dinner. Sheesh.

All I’m asking for is a bit of chivalry? But is it dead? In the future, if I’m completely self-sufficient, I mean do I even need a guy? What if the selection’s so narrow, only the jerks and losers are left? In the past, women needed cave-men mates because they couldn’t care for a baby and fend for themselves. In this day and age, if I make enough to support kids, hire a nanny, etc… will I even need a guy? I mean I’m so happy being single right now… so… well, we’ll see. Until the next blind date! 🙂

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