F*ck You Penguin? WTF, Randomhouse?

I don’t understand humor these days. I especially don’t understand publishers searching up bloggers and offering them book deals for concepts such as, let’s rant and rave against cute animals. F*ck you penguins, ostriches, rare foxes…etc. I mean what have animals done for us, except die in masses to the point of extinction as we destroy their ecological systems? I mean, yes, stupid penguins– who actually mate for life and protect their young. What have they done for us except stand around as the polar ice-caps melt? I mean, can you really blame the publishers though? Didn’t Tinkerbell, Paris Hilton’s dog, get a book deal? Yeap.

Is nothing original these days anymore that you have to publish books that could have been written by angry kids? Sorry for the rant but I just don’t understand the world anymore.


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