how to flirt, seduce guys, attract men, make them fall like flies, and make guys fall in love

the secret is…

I don’t know.

I mean I’ve tried my best in being smart, sophisticated, confident and optimistic but the only guys I attract are guys I don’t like. My theory is, these are guys I don’t have any feelings for– hence I can be myself. When I want to attract a guy, I guess I put off this vibe or I don’t act like myself– freak for one, I’m a big blusher and I bet it’s a turn-off. So what’s the bottom line? Keep fishing for Mr. Right. Good luck especially when you’re in the city. I’m embarrassed for our city guys– there are a few types. Those who don’t act their age and dress appropriately– they look like high school guys with their baggy pants hanging down, exposing their boxers. Guys who lack manners– who pick their teeth or are constantly on their phones while they’re with you. Guys who can’t give up their seats on the train for little old ladies, pregnant women, little kids. And guys who expect supermodels. I’m sorry. I’m not size 0, I don’t have a brazilian bum, and model perfect looks. I’m not going to the gym anytime soon. deal with it.

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