How much do I love this man? I can’t even say!

One person completely reinvented the way I viewed sex workers. He’s also been so supportive despite being busy– is a father, active writer, actor, plus he has a show deal on Showtime– amazing 🙂 and oh how I emulate him. To be published and so supportive of new, struggling writers. I recently lost all hope in writing, all dreams, and have been soooo writer’s blocked– I felt like giving up writing for good. But one phone call later, I’m completely motivated again. I thank you so much, my writing mentor. That’s why, I love you and your family. love love love! completely 🙂

And he’s the wonderful David Henry Sterry, author of Chicken, Masters of Ceremonies– an amazing actor, comedian, and writer, dude, you are amazing beyond words.


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