The Fate of the World as Population Rises

In less than 50 years, it’s predicted that the population of the world will jump from 6.8 billion to 9 billion. That would mean extra crowding on the trains during rush hour, people packed like sardines in tenant homes, and the extinction of various species of animals due to global warming, pollution, and the continual destruction of their ecosystems. Oh and people need to eat– we’re worst than zombies. People throughout the world eat everything that casts shadows. (Yea yea, don’t make faces Americans– we eat even more disgusting things than turtles, rats, and snakes and cats)

My point is I don’t disagree with laws controlling birthing– Not to the point where the Chinese could only have one child (forcing many to kill their infant daughters because everyone wanted sons) but perhaps this– don’t have more than two children a lifetime. It’s pure selfishness when people have too many children– like OctoMom. The world’s already too populated as it is. There are so many orphans needing families. If you have to have children, please don’t have more than two. If you love children so much, then adopt. Unless you have religious reasons, but still, it’s selfish. The Earth can’t handle an explosion of people. Because if there is an explosion, well then the world’s just going to end faster. I just hope people don’t follow Octomom’s ways because they see she’s getting so much attention (shame on you TMZ). Besides, if everyone’s going to have litters of children, in the future, people will end up marrying all their close relatives… and you know what inbreeding will lead to due to faulty genetics– extinction.

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