Thanks for 2000+ views a month!

Even though half the hits are from searches looking for Bella and Edward sex scenes. (how sad.) I’m sorry. This isn’t a fan-fiction site/blog. I’m still wondering how that one person found the blog from searching up “breast-milking”.

but i have to admit, james patterson, you are soooo cute, especially when you pretended to be edward the vampire during the oscars. Oh wait, your name is Robert. oops. and they say I shouldn’t have teen sex in my YA manuscripts. Teens are full of hormones and sex sells. Look at Gossip Girl, 90210, and well, Twilight. should I give in or continue to promote abstinence in teens, promoting my non-hentai dating sims, promoting purity, and letting girls be girls? hmm. promoting the end of teenage pregnancies and babies found in dumpsters? hmmm. or the glamor of it all, sex sex sex with no repercussions? People, vampires can do it all they want, but if you’re still living under your parent’s roof, please don’t have sex like rabbits. and if you have to do it, wear protection. the world’s overpopulated as it is. the government’s taxing the crap out of us working folks enough as it is. I don’t need to pay half of my hard earned paycheck and fund for your abortions and baby adoptions or take care of your diaper/baby powder needs. When you have a paying job and can afford to clothe you and your baby, then go ahead, have all the sex you want.

here are the newest search terms that lead to this blog.

harry potter v.s. twilight 3 More stats (GO HARRY POTTER, I ACTUALLY READ BOOK 1)
bella edward sex life 2 More stats (IT MUST BE GOOD)
twilight my date with a vampire 2 More stats
fog city wordpress live sex web cams 1 More stats (WTF is that?)
sketchers shape up shoes 1 More stats
twilight is making people depressed 1 More stats (AMEN SISTER)
do literary agents proofread your manusc 1 More stats (SOME DO)
2ndly schoool girls sex 1 More stats (HOLY COW, WHAT IS THIS, JAPAN?)
twilight edward and bellas modeling 1 More stats
bella and edward hot pillow 1 More stats (MMM HOT PILLOWS)

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