Real life dystopia, everyday it’s happening to us.

There’s a demand for edgy dystopian YA novels– these futuristic bleak views of life are not really fictional– after all, we’re already living in a dystopic society. For one, the media and society breed us to idolize and worship certain individuals like celebrities, politicians, and figureheads– or hate them, like our former prez. Then we have technology that’s slowly turning us into less social creatures– we breakup through text and AIM. We check our emails every minute and instead of seeing a friend in person, we tell them, hey, I’ll see you on Facebook.

Scientifically, we’ve become so advanced it’s like we’re living in the realms of science fiction. Scientists have claimed to have successfully cloned humans, which I don’t doubt, I mean we’re already genetically engineering infants– choosing hair color, genetic factors, eye color, weight, height, etc… And there are those animals cloned years ago, Dolly the sheep. For a whole lot of money, you can even clone your favorite pet these days. Talk about playing god, I mean we’re already making human-like robots and super-intelligent computers. Didn’t people already create make-shift life with a fake big-bang? It’s daunting. It’s real.

Then we have all these governmental cover-ups, let’s not even talk about the faked-first moon landing, Area 51, and real aliens/UFO. Let’s talk about HIV. It’s been around for decades and people haven’t died from AIDS like they used to– I mean, is Magic Johnson still infected or what? He looks healthy, thanks to these drug cocktails. How much do you want to bet there’s already a cure/vaccine in the making– it’s just that these drug cocktail pharmaceutical companies are making so much money from these cocktails, why make HIV cures/vaccines available? I mean come on already, people. If there are vaccines for HPV and cold viruses, why not one for HIV?

So aren’t we already living in a dystopia? We have corrupt government officials and corporate leaders, scandals, cover-ups, and lies. We’re brainwashed daily by the media/news/ and even school. Remember the days when we lionized Christopher Colombus– google up why he’s really a villain. I mean the world’s changing and though some changes are good, we’re still walking through illusions on a daily basis. Now that’s scary– not 1984, not the Hunger Games, not A Brave New World, but life as it is, right here, right now.

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