Laughing 哥, TVB Series E.U., Laughing Gor

I’ve been following the three-part series of E.U since it came out with the Police Academy. I’ve never enjoyed Ron’s character– he’s just so bland. As for Sammul’s character– it’s depressing, everyone he loves dies. But Sammul’s really cute and a great actor, he makes the show fun. But the best character throughout all three series has to be Michael Tse Tin Wah’s character, Laughing Bro, aka Laughing哥. He has a catchy name, a three-dimensional character with a twisted past, destined doom, forbidden loves, and schizophrenic undercover-cop syndrome– he’s better pretending to be a mafia gang leader than real gang leaders. Michael Tse Tin Wah gave a stellar performance in TVB’s EU, earning him over 100,000 fans on Facebook. He isn’t the hottest or youngest male on TVB, but he certainly has an impressive career in TVB and Hong Kong Films. I’ve been a TVB fan for as long as I’ve remembered and I don’t think I’ve liked a character more than I like Laughing. Congrats to you Michael Tse Tin Wah, after all these years of struggling, you’ve finally gained the popularity you deserve. Now, just don’t DUI anymore 🙂

Ron Ng can’t for the life of him act with his eyes, or act at all…

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