Dora all grown-up, a role model or prostitot?

What’s with the uproar against Dora the Explorer growing up? Face it, kids grow up, and in our society, a bit too fast. But what’s wrong with a wholesome character growing up? Dora the Explorer as a Tween looks adorable and idol-material– I mean, girls these days have to look up to role models like Lindsay Lohan who grew too fast, from being a beloved teen movie star to “Miss Fire Crotch”. Then they have Vanessa Hudgens who sends naked pics of herself to her crush or whatever. Then we have Miss Britney Spears who grew from Pop Princess to “Miss I shave my head, marry losers, can’t take care of my kids, and make a great comeback with my lipsynched concert and machine-rendered CD Vocals” (I still love you Brit-Brit). We now have Dora the Explorer grown up, probably with strong ideals and dresses un-hoochily, very unlike the Prostitot Bratz dolls. She can teach growing girls a thing or two– I mean, at least cartoon idols will never go wrong as long as the company controls them, unlike human teen idols who grow up and start posing in Maxim, etc, Miss Duff, that’s you. Who else do tween girls have these days when Twilight and Gossip Girl rule? Really now, leave tween Dora the Explorer alone. Don’t blame her if your kids are growing up too fast, look at what else is on TV these days and what’s selling– sex is selling.

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