Dragonball Evolution, Biggest disappointment to rock otakus


Son Goku, alien from some distant planet, is based off of Sun Wukong, the Chinese monkey king. The similarities? The monkey tail and the flying nimbus cloud, and the quarterstaff. Having a skinny Caucasian guy play the role of Son Goku, whatever (not being racist, it’s just that people have always assumed Goku is Asian, or Japanese). But turning the whole movie into prophecy-premise and I have to save the world, and teenage angst, that’s just not kosher. For one, throughout the Dragonball series, Goku hardly shows interest in females (I was surprised he and Chi Chi got married and had two sons). Goku always seemed more interested in fighting and perfecting his skills, yes saving the world too, than impressing females like the Goku in the movie? As for prophecies and saving the world, well, Goku just happened to be the strongest fighter and had the heart to save the world– no prophecies involved. The movie trailer just doesn’t make any sense– I’d be happier watching a movie that’s more true to the anime/manga. Because now, you have a movie that’s as follows:

Young boy, regular bullied teenager, is the chosen one to save the world. Add in special effects, some cute girls, voila, and there you have it, another lame movie.


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