Obamanisms, Obama’s bowling antics

“Yes, I’ve smoked bongs in my days. And my abysmal bowling score, it’s like the special olympics or something.” *not an actual quotation*

To have a celebrity-status president, who has a camp ready to use the race card at every corner, mock Special Olympics’ athletes… Those with physical disabilities work so hard and have so much to show off– have you seen athletes on wheelchairs play ball? Or that guy who can bowl perfect games?

Seriously, you thought Bush was bad? Bush may have made funny remarks like fuzzy math, etc… and people compared him those those with mental retardation, but I don’t think Bush ever mocked those with cognitive or physical deficits. Be prepared for ridiculous Obamanism’s and other such antics. I have my eyes on you Mr. President– you’re such a disappointment to all your loyal fans. Every little step you take now, you’ll be under critical watch. Yes you’ve made history, yes people worship you, but this doesn’t mean you have the right to say whatever the heck you please. What a mockery.

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