Banning Craigslist erotic section?

Why is it that Rihanna gets more news coverage for a beating than George Weber does for his murder/death? I don’t want to make light of Rihanna’s situation, because she just shows us that domestic violence is real and can happen to even celebrities and that most of the time, people are hurt by the ones they often love and trust. But I digress. Back to George Weber– wasn’t he killed by a teen, John Katehis, he found off of the erotic section of Craigslist? Even if that isn’t true, why the heck is there an erotic section on Craigslist? I don’t recommend an entire ban of the site itself– it’s led me to some good gigs in the past (all computer and writing related), but at least the erotic and matchmaking section of Craigslist. Craigslist is not eharmony or It’s not a “trusted” prostitution site. (there are prostitution and sex eliciting sites out there, I won’t name them because I don’t know them specifically, just know they exist, as ex-governor what’s his name).

My point is, why is there so little coverage of George Weber’s death? Why is the media not all over this case? Why is it that the media and society seemed more interested in Natalie Dylan selling her virginity and that upscale hooker Kristen what’s her name becoming famous? Is it because our world is advancing into a dystopia so fast that it’s scaring everyone? That teens are committing suicide and displaying their death over the net. That people are buying sex online through large sites? That married couples are split apart because of cheating on Facebook/Myspace? That even celebrities get killed for meeting people they find over the internet? The internet is a scary place, people. If you’re going to meet up with a stranger, you run the risk of getting hurt, raped, or killed. Haven’t you watched enough Dateline to see how many pervs are out there, looking to have sex with kids/teens?

So why hasn’t there been a crackdown on the erotic section of Craiglists? Why hasn’t the staff or surfers been more vigilant in banning solicitations for sex, paid or unpaid? I mean, I remember I was flagged for posting an ad to my own website. Within minutes. Don’t tell me there aren’t enough people monitoring Craigslist. The internet is a dangerous place but people seem to refuse to believe this. How much time do we spend on the internet now? Too much these days. The net has provided so much for us, but it’s time we learn to use it wisely and in moderation. George Weber isn’t the first person to die after meeting up with someone found over the net. Right? It’s really up to popular websites and law enforcement to protect us, no? I mean, what is the purpose of the erotic section, Craigslist? I think it’s time you remove that section all together.

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