newest search entries leading to this blog

will bella and edward ever have sex 3 More stats (YES THEY DO)
edward pillows 2 More stats (HE RIPS THEM)
shapeupshoes 2 More stats (THEY’RE GREAT!)
pashionet sex 2 More stats (LEARN TO SPELL) it’s passionate
twilight new moon movie 1 More stats (OVERRATED)
belle edward honeymoon pictures 1 More stats (WHAT?)
screw sex, adventure 1 More stats (HMMM)
twilight series bella edward sex sceane 1 More stats (SCENE, DUMBASS)
will bella and edward have sex on screen 1 More stats (GO WATCH PORN, GEEZ)
humans like animals
bella edward 4 More stats
bella edward honeymoon 3 More stats
oh god, detailed version of bella and ed 3 More stats
shape up by sketcher 2 More stats
sketcher shape up black 1 More stats
npte how to study 1 More stats
sketchers shape ups mbt 1 More stats
hop sex and juicy 1 More stats (what the heck is hop sex?)
bella edward first time sex 1 More stats
edward bella love scene book (there’s more pillow talk, I’ve heard.)

So again, this proves, Stephenie Meyer, you have created the most popular teenage sex symbols and provided teen and tween readers with very unrealistic views of love and sex. From these searches, you’d think Twilight’s an erotic novel… sheesh.

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