Poupee Girl is Absolute Evil

Poupee Girl, an addictive dress-up game community is absolute evil. Any site/business that can offer intangible items for real life money has to be evil– take the case of Poupee girl (think Gaia online for a female/gay men older population) where you own a female avatar (Flash Doll). You start with 100 or so ribbons to buy clothing and items to dress up your doll. You accumulate more ribbons by either uploading pictures of your real life clothes/makeup/jewelry etc, comment on other people’s dolls, or sell your own doll’s items. Or you can use real money to buy ribbons, which I’ve been guilty of because lately, the site has been bombarding its members with incredibly cute new items for our dolls. Each item costs a lot of ribbons and ribbons take a lot of time to accumulate but just ten minutes of crazy spending to deplete. Again I am defeated, amazed by the genius and evil of Poupee girl, because after all, I can be using real money to buy real clothes to dress myself. Instead, I spend my money to clothe my pretty doll. Maybe it’s because my doll’s like my kid– she’s so cute and pretty, I want her to look the best, better than the other dolls on the site.

So if you want to make a great money making site (Poupee girl also runs google ads. You buy ribbons for 5, 10, 20, 30, or 50 USD (and you only get a little bit of ribbons each time, sigh). My estimation is this site runs well into the seven figures annually. Selling intangible items… sigh.

2 thoughts on “Poupee Girl is Absolute Evil

  1. Dear pupe-friends,

    I just got my account locked! I have been playing on pupe since the summer of ’09 and I’ve been loving it, until they started the new jewel campaign. It got even worse when they stopped letting us post dolls! Now, since I have been posting dolls, they’ve locked my account! I’ve never done anything wrong, ever! I mean, my Pullips and my Blythe are in the Fashion Dictionary! so, as soon as you get a chance, sign the petition I started to try and get rid of jewels and let us post dolls again! They’re the dictators and we have to overthrow them! The letter goes straight to the company. There is extra space when you sign so that you can say whatever you want extra to the pupegirl company. PLEASE SIGN!

    this is the link:


    please spread this petition around as much as possible! Please help get as many signatures as possible! Thank you so much! You’re helping every pupegirl when you sign!


    From A♇EOT, with love!!

    ♅GOOD ♆ LUCK♅

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