Nora Roberts and her un-fantastic website

Miss Nora Roberts,

You are one of the most prolific writers to grace our Earth. (love your movies/books btw) You’ve sold millions and millions of your books world-wide. Why then is your website so un-fantastic? The world exists in two forms for humans these days– real life and virtual. The virtual world is very important– a website must be organized and aesthetically pleasing for such a popular writer. I suggest for one a better looking background and color. The main banner can be a lot better too. Also for your JD Robb website. Sigh, you really have to get an updated, pimped-up site. Think JK Rowling. Now that’s a hot site.

And while I’m at it, James Patterson, your site is a bit too cluttered. Stephanie Meyer– your main page needs to be fixed. You just don’t know what’s going on when you enter the main site.

So I really don’t understand how multi-millionaire authors don’t have amazing websites… We’re living in a web/techno-savvy world, no?

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