Korean Taiwanese Dramas will make you delusional

I recently was reminded of how much I love Winter Sonata, from the sound track to the beautifully shot winter scenery. The main character played by BYJ was so sweet, romantic, charming, witty, and beautiful. He was the ideal portrayal of the perfect man for a modern woman. So I browse through Youtube watching the series again, and again my heart flutters wildly at every romantic and sweet scene. And I thought– If Americans were to remake this series, it would never work. Why? Because they’d load the series with sex, taking away the strength that is pure love without the need of adding wild rabbit sex scenes or even passionate kisses. That’s the beauty of the series– it’s so strong and powerful, reaching hearts with simple gestures and pure romance. That’s why Winter Sonata will always be a classic and cherished in the hearts of those who had watched it.

But then my sister says, “don’t watch it anymore, these series will make you delusional.” which is true. Most male characters in taiwanese and korean series are handsome, young, successful, faithful, romantic, witty, and wealthy– most of the American guys I know of the same age are: still living at home, collect Superman toys, and have barely enough to support themselves in their bank accounts. Now so they aren’t successful. Are they romantic? They don’t even have a clue.

Hence korean dramas, taiwanese dramas, romance novels, and romantic mangas/animes will all make you delusional. My theory is don’t expect the world and you’ll be happy with what you get, mere maggots.


One thought on “Korean Taiwanese Dramas will make you delusional

  1. Taiwanese drama is trash. No originality bad acting TRASH. They can’t even write their own story lines. You should not compare trash with something that’s edible like a sandwich.

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