I want Daniel Henney’s Babies.

People have been more accepting of inter-racial relationships and marriages, but there’s still the argument of:
“If you marry a person who shares the same culture and race, the marriage will last.” Well, scientists have been researching on our genetic makeup, telomeres, and the possibility of our DNA becoming extinct. (check out the History Channel’s new series LIFE AFTER PEOPLE) Why? If we continue to mix our genetics in a restricted gene pool, well there will be no evolution and eventually, thousands of generations later, people will die off. However, if we start having more inter-racial mating, marriages, and relationships, the results will be a stronger genetic pool.

Take for instance all the delicious half-Asian celebrities out there. They are amazingly gorgeous, with exotic looks nobody else can have. Even their hair colors look different, in a way only hair dye can achieve for other people. Don’t believe me? Take a look for yourself.

daniel henney

dennis ohricky kim
maggie q

If you want strong beautiful healthy children with little chances of having genetic diseases/mutations, well think outside your own race and start having delicious looking children! (Not just half-asians, half-whites are beautiful too, like Halle Berry and Obama… though they choose to believe they’re fully black.)

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