Elanne Kong Stole Gillian Chung’s Face?

Elaine Kong, Kong Yau Yau in popular TVB series E.U, looks like this in the past:


and looks like this now:

I understand you can use braces and contacts to make yourself look better, and makeup, but that much better? Won’t it take a bit of ahem, plastic surgery? And to prove my point, watch the following creepy video of how she looked like before and now after. (Btw, there’s a censored nude picture of her… she’s not exactly Miss-Good-Girl. Now why is she allowed to be so popular and there are still people hating on Twin’s member Gillian Chung? The woman Elaine Kong wanted to look like when she had all that plastic done?

And here’s natural and beautiful Gillian!

Oh but don’t google Gillian Chung images without safe-search on, there are still some personal nude and sex scandal pics floating out there… I urge everyone to just delete them, ignore them, and let Gil have her life back already!!!

Celebrities really have it tough these days, thanks to the powerful Internet– whatever they do, can be out in the open public within seconds! It’s sad, no?

3 thoughts on “Elanne Kong Stole Gillian Chung’s Face?

  1. yeah i know right!
    i wish twins would be back with a new album soon called 2 in 1 instead of ah sa’s 2 missing 1. and i never knew you had a wordpress o_O
    and elanne kong has a face of ah gil is because ah gil was her idol and she did surgery to look like her..and it works out fine xD

  2. It was a publicity stunt, a la Paris Hilton. Gillian was sick and tired of playing a kid… wanted more adult roles, she is a woman for Christ sake. So she sucked and posed and I “had to service” my computer. Turned out great… world wide publicity. And the pictures of Cecilia… thats payback to Nick tse for dissing me…his woman forever on the Net sucking my cock.

  3. haha..what’s so big deal?isn’t most celebrities go fro surgery?you support gillian chung thats why you say elanne is not a miss-good-girl providing the censored pic.What bout gillian had sex and nude pictures of her with edison chen?oh yea,u said celebrities had it tough these days?Hah..gillian’s worst.Leaked out to the whole world. Shame

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