Susan Boyle, Britain’s Got Talent, Wins Hearts and Gives you Hope

How many times have you been doubted? Have people disappointed you? Have people expressed their disappointment in you? And how many times have people not believed in your talents, despite you knowing you can do it? Now how many times have you rubbed your awesomeness in these people’s faces? Take Susan Boyle for instance, contestant on Britain’s Got Talent. She walks out onto stage, looking frumpy with messy hair. By laws of attractiveness– her eyebrows are too thick, she’s too chubby, and she can definitely use a better bra. She’s 47 years old– in our society, when you’re over 25, you’re considered “old.” Simon Cowell looks at her, full of skepticism when she tells the world she wants to be an accomplished singer. The audience and the other judges share Simon’s doubt. (One cute little bitch even rolls her eyes.)

The audience thinks: She thinks she’s going to be a star? She’ll probably make it, following William Hung’s footsteps, become a mockery and fade in obscurity. Some in the audience express fear and embarrassment for her, right before she blows everyone away with her amazing voice. Following her mind-blowing performance, epic music plays in the background… OMG, this woman– she’s amazing. All doubt flies out the window– she’s reached hero-status.

I cried when I watched this video. It’s so inspiring, to have the underdog win. She walks out into stage, expecting the audience and judges to view her a certain way (in our society, those who aren’t rich, powerful, or beautiful don’t get too far in life, sadly). She’s full of good humor, waiting for the perfect moment to release her mellifluous voice and realize her dreams within seconds. One moment, she’s Miss Unknown. The next, she’s a star. Well, well deserved. She teaches us all a lesson. Never stop believing in yourself. Always wait for the right moment to rub your awesomeness in the faces of all those who have doubted you. Just to see the change in Simon Cowell’s expressions, that’s priceless, no? He’s even signed her under his label as a singer.

Anyway, see for yourself and be inspired. No embedding allowed.

So adorable when she almost walks off the stage before her judging’s complete. lol

Another moral of the story is, if you can get more than a few million views on a youtube vid in a few days, you’re guaranteed a star 🙂 Story behind Susan Boyle is sorta like Slumdog Millionaire, if you can see what I mean 🙂

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