The Next Avian Flu? Prevent a Swine Flu pandemic in the US before it’s too late!

Even with our medical advances, we have not been able to crack down on the most powerful and hidden serial killers of the world– viruses, bacteria, fungi, and cancer cells. Remember what happened in War of the Worlds? The powerful aliens (spoiler alert) were destroyed not but human weapons or retaliation, but by mere earthly bacteria. This is slated to happen if nature runs its course– the human race will eventually be destroyed by mere microorganisms.

*In 1918, the Spanish Flu killed over 40 million people. (this was similar to the Swine Flu, H1N1)
*1957-58, the Asian Flu killed over 1.5 million people.
*Forty years later, the avian flu killed around 1 million people in Asia.
Now in 2009, we have the swine flu, already running its course across the United States. If we do not take action, will we face a swine flu pandemic? How many people will lose their lives this summer?
To date, there has been over a thousand reports of illness, and one hundred deaths due to the swine flu.

It makes one wonder, is this nature’s way of preventing overpopulation in the world? And does it not scare you how vulnerable and ignorant we still are after past pandemics?

There are now at least 28 confirmed cases are in NEW YORK!

Humans live a longer life span than most organisms. With viruses and bacterias, they proliferate and go through generations with a blink of our eyes. This gives these tiny killers ample opportunity to evolve and mutate– bacteria and viruses become superbugs, resistant to antibiotics, super-MRSA, VRE, etc…

Viruses similar to HIV exists in felines and monkeys– the first cases of HIV were discovered in the early eighties. Monkeys have had this virus. Viruses are very resistant to our weapons against them– they’re hard to kill and are built to procreate, take over, and destroy their hosts. As long as humans have been alive, viruses have been around to make them sick. This may be an eternal war we’ll have to wage against them.

Symptoms of swine flu:
*FLU symptoms, fever, chills, aches, fatigue, SORE THROAT, sniffling, runny nose, headache.*

How it is spread:
JUST LIKE REGULAR FLU/viruses– from droplets from a person’s cough/sneeze, contact with an infected person, their germs getting in through your mucous membranes– eyes, nostrils, mouth, etc…

If you are in contact with a sick person or pig, you will get infected. If you eat cooked pork, you will not get infected. So continue to have porkchops and ham. However, if you eat uncooked pork, you might get other diseases…

For now, here are some preventative measures we can all take:

BE INFORMED. Keep up to date with what is happening. There is new news on the flu every day, every hour in fact.

HANDWASHING— washing your hands before you eat or come into contact with others, to avoid getting the viruses into your mouths when you eat, or spreading it to others in case you’re a carrier.

Purell works 99.9 percent of the time– is it not time to carry a bottle? You do not need an Infection Control Specialist to tell you that the best preventative measure is handwashing! (Handwashing also prevents stomach viruses, C-DIFF, which PURELL can’t kill by the way, MRSA, VRE, etc…)

Build your immunity by taking vitamin C. Drink plenty of water and have adequate rest.

If you do get sick and suspect the flu and must go to the hospital, then go. Meanwhile, try not to spread your germs to your loved ones and friends– wear a mask in public, sneeze into a tissue, cover your mouth when you cough, and if you cover your mouth with your hands, wash your hands. There will be a lot of people sneezing and coughing these days, due to hay fever and seasonal allergies, but you’d rather be safe than sorry, right?

Avoid sick people… like meningitis, these types of diseases are most easily spread in crowed public places or settings like college dorms and the school communities. Unfortunately.

Please take care so we can avoid a pandemic this summer. To keep up to date, please visit the following sites: (THE CDC)

Be safe and take care, everyone.

6 thoughts on “The Next Avian Flu? Prevent a Swine Flu pandemic in the US before it’s too late!

  1. They sent a flyer home from school talking about this. I heard about it on the news and Homeland Security and another organization (i forgot the name) are trying to quarantine people that have it. Today, 130 people died in Mexico from this virus!!!! Super scared, im so carrying a bottle of Purell with me everywhere!

    • Funny how just yesterday, my gym class was picking on this one kid because he carries around Purell with him.

      Today, Purell is a bit of a necessity.

  2. Wait, wasn’t one of the symptoms coughing?
    (Which scares the crap out of me since I already cough, so how I’ll know if it’s swine flu or asthma is a mystery)

    I also heard once that washing your hands can prevent like, over 9000 types of disease. (Ok, NOT over 9000. It was just a lot that I don’t remember a number. ._.)

    Is there anyway to cure the swine flu? I’ve heard there are a LOT of cases in kids, and it’d be horrible for them to die.

  3. Blegh. Swine flu. The more I read about this, the more paranoid I get.
    And my paranoia is very out of hand.
    But we were discussing this subject in my careers orientation class but the teacher yelled at us and said “Stop talking about it! The only people who are going to die from it are probably old people and little kids. So shut up and get to work on your resume`s because the swine flu won’t bother you.”
    Of course, he’s a nut, so I’m still paranoid about this whole disease.

  4. Found these masks comfortable & easy to tuck in my purse & take with me when traveling…especially during the “Swine-Flu” scare we are experiencing at this time.

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