leaked midnight sun twilight manuscript

I have reason to believe Edward Cullen is gay from this one line : “Bella never wore makeup, nor should she. The cosmetics industry made billions of dollars a year from women who were trying to attain skin like hers.” First of all, do guys even care about the cosmetic industry? From all the straight men I know, they actually like women to have a little bit of makeup. As for physical attractiveness– did you know men don’t care if Boobs are fake? As long as they look good? But anyway, the real point of this blog is not to bash Edward Cullen, Twilight, Or Stephenie Meyer, though god, your writing can really use some fine-tuning, but anyway, before people flame me, all I really want to say is that be careful of what you send over the Internet. It’s very unfortunate for Midnight Sun, Edward Cullen’s version of Twilight, to be leaked over the Internet before it was published. The Internet offers too much information– it’s both good and bad– the bad being that once something is leaked, it’s impossible to retrieve and erase over the net. If you have to send manuscripts to people, make sure they are people you can completely trust. And even if you can trust them, you run the risk of having them getting their email accounts hacked.

So be careful on the net kiddies, writers, and people who like to show others their naked photos. The Internet is a dangerous place! So use it wisely!!

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