Teen Mothers, Teen Sex, and Virgins Until Marriage?

I learned about sex when I was ten in elementary school during fifth grade– sex ed- class. Then in intermediate school and high school, I had more sex ed. In NYC, we assume teenagers will have sex– so teens are taught about sexual intercourse and even given free condoms. Teens will have sex, as much as parents don’t want to believe it– teens as young as eleven/twelve. As disturbing as this is, it’s not something that will change– especially when sex sells and everywhere you turn, you’re exposed to sexual content– TV like the glamorous teens on Gossip Girl and 90210– books filled with sexual tension like Twilight– In Twilight, Bella is whisked off her feet by a wonderful vampire. By the time she’s 18 (or 19 sue me), she’s married, and becomes a mother by the end of the book. But life is not like that for regular teens in our REAL world.

You finish high school and go to college. If you’re knocked up, you won’t be like Bella who gives birth to a freak child who grows into a teen within days (or whatever). You won’t become an immortal vampire with powers and have Edward to love you forever. In our real world, if you’re a teen and you’re knocked up, you now have a lifetime of responsibility– a child isn’t a goldfish or a puppy. A child needs nurturing and caring– a baby is like a parasite until he/she turns 18 or older (or like American youth now who mooch off their parents) until they’re 25+.

So you’re a teen and barely an adult– and now you have a baby? Your life has barely started and now your life is no longer yours. Ask any parent– a child’s life will always trump yours. So for a few penis thrusts and a brief explosion of euphoria from an orgasm, you now have a child, possible sexually transmitted diseases, and a whole mess of problems piling on you– how will you make money for both you and your new child? What about your friends who will be enjoying dorming and fun college classes? When they go drinking and having fun and partying, you have to take care of a baby. And instead of school, you’ll have to work.

Go ahead and have sex but remember what can happen. Be responsible and safe. And please, if you’re a teen, don’t have unsafe sex or do like Octomom and think having lots of babies is so fun and great– think about us hard working taxpayers who have to work extra harder to pay for your crying baby’s diapers.

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