Loving Anime Characters, Robots, and Non-People

Japanese Otakus resorting to loving robots, pillows, anime characters

Found at NyTimes.

In a world of six billion plus people, is it really hard to find one’s other half? Apparently it is. In Japan, balding, middle-aged and fatter Japanese men find themselves unable to attract real women. They resort to loving anime characters, dolls, and robots. But is this really “new news”? How many people have spent the rest of their lonely days with pets and dolls?

The Nytimes’ article I’ve linked to makes me feel sorry for the guy named Nisan. He states that he lacks the confidence to try dating. Can you blame him? The pillow he hugs won’t bicker with him, cheat on him, or cause him any grief. Nisan isn’t handsome, but there are so many “handsome” looking people who lack confidence as well. Maybe it’s because our world has become too complicated. Women and men alike have become too picky in choosing their other halves. In the past, more marriages were arranged. In our times, we’ve set our standards too high– women look for financial stability and financially stable men look for young, fresh, sexy and beautiful femmes. Our society has bred dreamers– we all look for our ideals. Teens these days yearn for their own Bella Swan or Edward Cullen. And can you find me a woman who wouldn’t want to snag a real-life Mr. Darcy?

We have competition and we have too little time, when we have to work, to meet our other halves. So can you mock or blame people when they “love” fake characters, inanimate objects, and pets? In Japan, they’re scrambling to make realistic robots to add to the adult entertainment industry.

Even though we’re constantly surrounded by people, in the end, so many of us are lonely.

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