Kevin Cheng Ka Wing of Burning Flame III is a Hottie Star! As REX

Kevin Cheng Ka-Wing is one of TVB’s best male celebrities currently in my honest opinion. He’s handsome– those eyes can melt you– and he plays his roles well, with the right amount of emotion and drive. In Burning Flame III, he is not the one who drives you away from watching the series. Burning Flame III the series as it is drives you a bit away– thanks to boring scenes and unwanted melodrama– like the really gruesome/realistic death of Myolie Wu’s grandmother. The love triangle is frustrating and you do sympathize with Wong Hei’s character. But this is not the fault or work of the actors playing the characters– you love the characters because of the writer who created the character, not because of the actor who plays the character. Think of it this way, anyone who is lucky enough to play Edward Cullen in the Twilight movies will be loved by millions of adoring fan-girls.

As quoted from Asian Fanatics:

“The Threshold of A Persona” ended with poor ratings, the main reason is because the cast members lack “viewers fate”, especially Patrick Tang, Yoyo Mung and Toby Leung who were named “The 3 Customer Shoo-ers”. After “Burning Flames III” airs, the cast members performances are again discussed. Among the three main male leads, Kevin, Wong Hei and Bosco Wong, Kevin gets criticized the most. Some Netizens say although he’s “TV King”, but he has a dull performance: “Kevin’s personal expressions does not change no matter what series or character he’s in.” Some people even said that he’s the new “Customer Shoo-er” (driving customers away).

Netizens compared his scenes with Wong Hei, saying that “he totally let Wong Hei steals his limelight.” One scene talked about Kevin’s team members making a mistake and Wong He wanted to punish him. Kevin tried to plea for his team. While Wong Hei was speaking, he changed his hand motions into 3 positions, showing his real emotions and the level of feeling while he speaks. Unfortunately Kevin did not have any type of response to that, he did not take any action to accommodate Wong Hei’s hand movements.

THIS IS NOT TRUE. Kevin can portray all his emotions with his beautiful gazes, his soulful eyes, and lovely voice. Kevin, don’t care about what other netizens say– you have many fans, in America even! And we know you’re from America, and hope you can read this! Please continue putting your all in your roles– can’t wait to see you in another TVB role, especially the new series with Charmaine Sheh! Good luck to you!

succulent kevin cheng

2 thoughts on “Kevin Cheng Ka Wing of Burning Flame III is a Hottie Star! As REX

  1. I totally agreed with you. Frankly, I don’t understand why everyone is saying that he is a terrible actor. He is not a fantastic actor but he is a pretty good one in my opinion. I think alot of people overanalyzed him. Keep doing what you’re doing Kevin! I will always support you.

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