Daniel Henney On Three Rivers: October 4th 2009– You must watch!


Daniel Henney, the most gorgeous man on the face of this Earth is finally making an appearance in America– well other than X-men Origins– where his gorgeousness had a minute role. Daniel will be playing a playboy resident or surgeon– and by the gods, if UGLY REAL LIFE SURGEONS and RESIDENTS can get laid (like all the time, must be that white-coal effect), then Daniel’s character must have like 5000 lovers. You think Gray’s Anatomy was bad– you should see what goes on in real life hospitals and call rooms. Doctors do doctors, nurses, medical students, therapists, and by doing, I don’t mean by a favor. They’re constantly have f**k-fests. They treat patients like garbage… why? Because they’re too busy screwing each others’ brains out. It’s true. Real life story at a real hospital I will just call Elemcee.

Anyway, back to Daniel Henney– you are amazingly hot and talented– ooh that voice. Have you heard him sing? And boy will melt your heart where-ever he goes– Korea loves him. Seen him on Kim Sam Soon? No? What are you waiting for? Instead of Family Guy/American Dad, I’m watching Three Rivers on Sunday, just for you Daniel and maybe for that guy who played the lead in Moonlight. Maybe. Nah, mainly for Daniel. CBS, make Daniel a profile page already!

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