TVB’s You’re Hired with Dayo Wong and Charmaine Sheh a Smash!

Dayo Wong’s new comedy is much better than his last fiasco for TVB. You’re Hired has soul, heart, and comedic genius– with witty phrases that will make you either laugh until you cry or do a “say what?” Some jokes are darker and inappropriate for children, but what Dayo’s character says will leave you smiling, even after heartbreaking scenes– and there are plenty of scenes that will possibly make you cry.

Dayo’s character, SONG, is super-cute and neurotic, with no confidence in love, but as a financial adviser, he could make a poor man a millionaire and a millionaire a bum with smooth tactics and smoother words. His character is on a path of redemption, riddled with guilt for driving his mentor to committing suicide. He returns to Hong Kong from America and meets a great cast of characters he helps along the way– and eventually falls in love with his enemy turned love-interest Charmaine Sheh’s MIU MIU. Charmaine’s comedic best– she’s adorable here! Makes you love her all over again. The chemistry is great, the storyline fast-paced, fun, and believable. Loved the characters– a must watch TVB show especially after watching that horrible series Burning Flame III.

As for a sequel or a prequel to the series, I think a prequel would be great, to see how horrible Dayo’s character was as a ruthless financial adviser and business-eater. in a sequel, it wouldn’t be so great if you break the happy couple apart. once you reach a happily ever after– you’re not really interested in the ever after part, right?

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