Vampire Diaries Has More Bite than Twilight Ever Will

A decade and a half before Twilight hits the shelves, LJSmith wrote the Vampire Diaries and her Nightworld Series, a bunch of paranormal YA romances full of action and suspense. No dull moments and the love crosses centuries for most of her pairs– due to the soul mate theory. On the CW, Vampire Diaries premieres tonight, packing with good looking people, a beginning that hooks you, and people you can actually care about. Here Elena is, with her parents dead, and she isn’t half as weak and emo as Bella. Already I’m sold. An hour episode is better than all the Twilight movies combined. LJSmith, please finish the Nightworld series, I can’t wait to read them all.

However, I will say that the Vampire Diaries series is a bit too realistic– in that the normal teens all seem like they’re raging with hormones. As for Stefan– really cute, vampire and non-vampire. In the Vampire Diaries– people die and it’s bloody. Vampires here actually have bite, unlike the sparkling vegetarian fruitcakes in Twilight.

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