Zombieland 2 in the making!

Rule 1: Cardio. Highly true– even if you don’t want to survive a zombie apocalypse, cardio is the way to go. Being able to run and see your legs when you do so is very important. Otherwise, my friend, you’re just going to be zombie-bait. Or die from cardiovascular disease, otherwise known as the number one killer of Americans and fatsos.

Zombieland was a fun, gory, and entertaining movie– my favorite scene included Bill Murray. It’s a dark comedy I have to say. Some may argue about inconsistency, and how the characters seem desensitized to death– oh shut up. I’ll tell you who really is desensitized to death– not people stuck in a seemingly hopeless end of the world situation but doctors who only care about their paychecks.

A must watch for people who like gory comedy– like Shaun of the Dead. It has everything movie goers who can take some gore would want to see– romance, action, an alpha man– comical relief, man he’s cute, dying for a Twinkie, a video-game nerd with poor posture, a hot girl, and a cute younger girl. Lots of zombies who look like people with skin disease and vomitus-problems. I feel the movie lacks a bit of closure in the end, but not to spoil things, just saying that there’s definitely room for a sequel. What I like about the movie is (SPOILER AHEAD)

None of the main characters died. PHEW.

Highly recommended entertaining movie, though after watching this, I couldn’t eat dinner. 😦 Kinda want to be a vegetarian again. We may not be zombies, but we’re worse, the way we slaughter animals– throw baby chicks into blenders and all. Or how we commit hate crimes and manslaughter– or let or sons and daughters go into war. Who is worse? Humans or zombies? Hmm?

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