Forced to be Vaccinated in a democratic, free world.

A person who has HIV in the United States does not have to publicize this fact to the world. This person can be having casual sex and spreading HIV to his/her unknowing lovers, without any repercussion. Now take a Health Care worker in NYC, a physical therapist like me for instance. Flu season is upon us and at least 200,000 people are estimated to catch the swine flu before the end of the year. H1N1. Being a health care professional in NYC, I’m forced by my hospital to receive two flu shots, one for the seasonal flu and the other for H1N1. The seasonal flu shot– fine, I get those every year anyway. The side effects, a minor cold, headache, and arm soreness. I can deal with this. I’ve never caught the flu before, knock on wood.

Here I am, a relatively healthy and young individual, forced to take two, not one flu shots this month alone. The seasonal flu shot. Fine.

The H1N1 vaccine? Hold on. This new vaccine had approximately six months to be perfected. Let me remind you, the H1N1 virus has been evolving ever since it first struck in Mexico. And that one minute, the FDA tells us wine is good for the heart, the next it isn’t, and people have been drinking wine for centuries. A six month old vaccine ready to be injected into the masses, has no valid testing on its long term side effects. In order to prevent a swine flu pandemic– it’s already a pandemic, people, health care workers in NYC are mandated to be vaccinated. If we refuse, do we face termination? Yes. Otherwise, what does mandatory mean? Get the shot, OR ELSE.

image belongs to its copyright owner found in google images

image belongs to it's copyright owner found in google images

The only people who are exempt from these shots are those with GB or egg allergy, and something else which I forget at this time. Understandably, health care workers deal with vulnerable people on a daily basis. An episode of House showed us how easy it is for well-intentioned people to spread germs– a volunteer with a cold spread germs to teddy bears passed out to newborns, which led to all the newborns dying. In hospitals, germs are everywhere– MRSA began in hospitals. Still, health care workers are now more educated than ever– as long as we wash our hands and encourage others and patients to wash their hands, we’ll be spreading less germs. Take other precautions as well, load up on anti-oxidants and vitamins, water, and eight hours of sleep daily. If you cough or sneeze, do so into your sleeve or a napkin/tissue.

Mandate hygiene and proper hand-washing. Don’t mandate a hardly tested vaccination. As a hospital worker, I have no right to say no to the vaccine at this time. Sounds like rape, doesn’t it? A syringe with the vaccine, stuck into one’s body, pumping dead viruses and other toxic-sounding ingredients that may or may not lead to horrible side effects.

No one’s going to turn into a zombie soon from these vaccines, but hey, people die from vaccines. This is no joke, people. We have the right to elect a man to lead our country. We have the right to choose our mates. We, the people who change lives and save people daily, should have the mere right to say no to a vaccine. To those protesting this ludicrous mandate, kudos. Protest and let yourselves be heard before our society turns more and more into a dystopia.

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