Anti-gravity, easy-tone, MBTs, And Shape Up Shoes will not help you lose weight, but they will tone your muscles.

The hype has risen for the anti-shoes– anti-gravity shoes such as Masai Balance Technology MBTs, Reebok Easy tones, and Sketchers’ Shapeups– they will help you lose weight.

MYTH: they will not help you lose weight.
However, their claims about toning leg, abs and gluteus maximus muscles– the butt in plain English– can be justified as I have worn MBTS for the past year and a half– and I walk daily. My hamstrings and calves are toned and nice. But have I lost any weight? Nope, I have remained the same weight for a year.

Good shoes will not help you lose weight because when you tone your muscles, you will in fact gain some weight– muscle weighs more than fat mass. As for just wearing shoes to walk, and not changing your diet, you will not be able to lose weight. Will you have better posture, gait, and muscle tone? Yes. You will also want to walk more because it’s so fun to do so in these shoes– like walking on a cloud. And if you exercise in these shoes, you will tone up and gradually become leaner if you also watch what you eat! And go ahead, jog and run in these shoes– they will actually help decrease ground reaction forces and put less stress on your knee and ankle joints because of the cushions!

Happy walking in these awesome anti-gravity shoes. Girls– heels look good but when you’re older, you’ll thank MBT, Sketchers, and Reebok for inventing these great shoes!

Kat, DPT

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