Maid for Me, starring an unforgettable Asian-American heroine

Maid for Me stars an Asian-American sweet girl named Mina Lin who struggles to balance schoolwork, work, and keeping her gamble-holic mother from selling their house. Mina has been in love with her boy next door Kiterin for the last five years, but he’s been oblivious all along. After picking up a cell phone and discovering a death threat, Mina becomes Rich Boy, Jaiden Daniels’s maid and pretend girlfriend. As more death threats arrive and Jaiden’s life is in danger, it’s evident Mina’s the only one who can save him. Will Mina be able to save Jaiden in time when he’s kidnapped and will she realize with whom she’s really in love with before it’s all too late? Find out in Maid for Me.

MAID FOR ME, buy it here

Vampires will never be over-done and out of fashion, but when they sparkle in the sun? That just peeves me beyond belief. And how a century plus year old vampire willingly puts up with year after year of high school (really?) and everyone falls in love for one Mary Sue who launches herself at danger just so hot guys can save her, enough is enough already. What’s worse is in New Moon, said girl goes into this spiraling depression because she can’t live without this sparkling vegetarian vampire. What message is that sending to teens and young girls?

Instead of focusing her entire life on love, Mina actively tries to balance her life. She doesn’t even have time to be heartbroken. She has dreams– she aspires to be an architect. She has values– she won’t do everything for money, even though she desperately needs it. And she has real, tangible flaws. Does she wait for people to save her? No. She does the saving. Does she let boys run and ruin her life? Never.

It’s time for teen readers to look up to a new role model, and the perfect candidate is Mina Lin in Maid for Me, an unforgettable Asian-American heroine down on luck, but who never gives up.

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