Reebok Easy Tone Shoes Review

Today, I visited a Lady Footlocker at Soho and looked at the Easy Tone shoes for women by Reebok. The shoes are lighter than I thought they would be, with three “bumpers” that aren’t soft or thick enough in my honest opinion to “perform balance ball like” exercising on shoes alone. If the bumpers were softer and thicker, they may be more effective. I didn’t try on the shoes because they are too narrow-toed for wider feet. They also seemed a bit flimsy and probably won’t last as long as MBTs– if you jog in Easy Tones, the bottoms may wear out faster.

The design of the shoe– they look okay. Nothing too spectacular. Would I give up MBTs for Easy Tones? Not unless Reebok thickens the bumpers and make them more durable. For the cheaper price, I would stick to a pair of outdated MBTs for now at least.

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