TVB’s A Chip off the Old Block, Ron Ng, Myolie Wu Review

As far as funny TVB goes, it doesn’t get much wackier and funnier than this new series starring Ron Ng, Myolie Wu and my personal favorite actor Sunny Chan. The characters are well-developed and the series keeps you guessing til the end– like who is Ron Ng’s mother? There are similarities to Back to the Future, but the ending to this series is less satisfying than the movie, and the ending is a pure link to a sequel if the series is a success. Humorous, the series also has touching and endearing moments that made this viewer cry, though I am a sucker to series that show the sweet sides to familial love, etc… The storyline can be tweaked and some plot-holes leave you wondering– seriously? Asides from the flaws, it was an enjoyable series with laugh-out-loud moments. Exaggerated acting as usual from Myolie Wu, but it works here. And Sunny Chan is a goody-two-shoes, though if you’ve watched enough TVB, you may remember him from evil roles and even psycho-roles. He’s very good at portraying goodies and baddies alike.

So do I recommend this series? Does Ron Ng redeem himself? Truth to be told, across every series, Ron Ng acts the same way, I guess he just plays himself. He has some funny moments though Sunny Chan steals the spotlight. So Ron, here’s to hoping you get your acting skills together for 2010– that should be your new year’s resolution.

3.5/5 stars series. Funny, touching, enjoyable and sweet.

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