Amazon kindle best selling free ebooks, publishers marketing tactic selling free kindle ebooks

You would think the bestselling ebooks for Amazon Kindle would be written by authors like Stephenie Meyer and Stephen King; alas, that is not the case, though both authors do appear on the top one hundred bestseller list. The best selling books high in the ranks are books that cost nothing to two bucks. Most of these books I’ve downloaded like an addict, especially the free and one cent books, which are all surprisingly good. Being free, naturally, they get the most downloads, and that’s just commonsense. Your Kindle or Ipod app Kindle has plenty of space to hold all these free books. And being a generation of mouse-trigger-happy folks, one click download of free ebooks is fun, easy, and addictive.

I prowl on the amazon kindle site daily to look at the best seller lists for more ebooks to download for free. surprisingly, a book that was free for a few weeks suddenly becomes 9.99. that is after the ebook has made the bestseller’s list and gathered tons of great reviewers. reviews will definitely be kind and rate books generously when these books are free, right? A great marketing way for publishers and every publisher, big or independent and unknown should have a shot at this wonderful emarketing tactic. Being a part of the publishing world is tough. You need to impress people. You need to know the right people. People need to know and like you. And all these people are selective, picky, and ruthless.

I really think that ebooks that are listed as free should remain free. Why suddenly jack up the prices? Once the book price becomes like 9.99 from 0.00, the book may soon find itself leaving the bestselling list. Ebooks should never cost as much as their print counterpart. Print books cost so much more to publish! And free ebooks should remain free so more readers can download the ebook and like the author and then find more books by the author. What kind of ebook should be free? A prequel, a short book, an intro book, etc…

Here’s to the future of publishing!

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